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Agarmysh - flying site in the eastern part of the CrimeaBalaklava flying site on the South Coast of the CrimeaBeregovoe - relaxing breeze flying

Chatyr-Dag - one of the highest Crimean mountainsNice summer dayClouds on the south slope of Chatyr-Dag - result of the sea breeze

Klementyeva mountain - the most popular flying site where the sailplanes and hanggliders fly with usOur teaching hill StroganovkaFlying in front of Kara-Dag national park

Kush-Kaya mountain and the Bay of LaspiTake-off is just near the roadSteep rocks and great thermals

The Taz-Tau take-offFlying cross-country and landing on the beachTaz-Tau mountain and Chatyr-Dag lower plateau

Breeze flying with some thermals from rocksKaraul-Oba mountainn, 350 meters above the seaVeseloe is probably the best breeze flying site in the Crimea