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Most of the flying sites in the Crimea are situated in its south part where the mountain range stretch along the seacoast. The highest peaks are Roman-Kosh (1545 m), Chatyr-Dag (1527 m), Northern Demerji (1356 m) and Ai-Petri (1232 m). In the Crimea you can find soaring sites for quiet flying and waggas and good thermal sites from where cross country is possible. However to fly long cross is difficult because the Crimea itself is not big and the sea is everywhere. Here you can have a look of several Crimean flying sites.


Flying along the rock The take-off Foros is well-known by the mountaineers as a first-rate climbing place. And it's also the excellent flying site. The take-off is situated on the flat top of the mountain on the altitude of about 600 meters. To the left of the take-off are 300 meter high steep rocks going down. Good thermals allow to fly easily along the 8 km ridge. Cross-country flights are possible along the coast in the direction of Yalta or Sebastopol. But the conditions can be very strong and turbulent in the summer.



The mountain above Laspi Bay and the road Sebastopol-Yalta Flying over the sea near Kush-Kaya mountain Laspi is another flying site on the South Coast of the Crimea. The take-off is situated above the bay of Laspi. On the good sunny day it's easy to get 300-700 meters above the take-off and fly along the coast to Kush-Kaya mountain. Following its rocks you can fly 5-6 km from the take-off and back. Also there is the possibility of cross country flights to the inner part of the Crimea. Sometimes when the inversion is low, conditions can be rather turbulent.



Kacha Beregovoe Beregovoe and Kacha are soaring sites on the west coast of the Crimea. Near Beregovoe village there is a long ridge (10-15 meters high and 11 km long) stretched along the shore and when the breeze blows you can fly many kilometers in calm and relaxing conditions. Kacha is almost the same. Just the ridge is higher, up to 30 meters, and it is 7 km long. In these places you can fly almost every summer day!




Taz-Tau mountain: the view from the air Flying over the take-off

Taz-Tau mountain is situated in the inner part of the Crimea so there is no sea influence here. This is the reason why it's the best place for cross-country flying. The cloudbase in summer is up to 2000-2200 meters above the sea level. Thermals are very stable and not turbulent. Excellent cross-country flights are possible in the east and south directions. Behind Taz-Tau there is Chatyr-Dag range - one of the highest mountains in the Crimea.


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