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The Crimea is a unique place, it combines subtropical woods and cosy bays enclosed with steep rocks on the South Coast, alpine meadows on the flat tops of the Crimean mountains (yailas) and steppes in the North. Climate of the South Coast is subtropical. The middle air temperature is +28C in Summer and +7C in winter. However from November till April there is snow on yailas. There the air temperature can go down to -20C.

In this photogallery you can take a look of our beautiful landscapes.

The Ghost Walley stone figures were created by eternal wind blowingFigures of weatheringView of the Chatyr-Dag mountain from the South Demerdji

Little waterfall DjurlaThe Main Ridge of Crimean mountainsForos mountain

The pine growing between rocksPeony flowerThe bath of youthForest peony

Para-lizardLychnis flowerCumulonimbus

StormWhite RockThe Black Sea surf

In winter the nature is sleeping and our mountains look mysterious under the snow.

Northern Demerdji mountainChatyr-Dag ski areaSunset on Ai-Petri mountain